When I joined Cater2.me, the company perks seemed endless. But one benefit quickly climbed to the top of my list: catered office lunches. I had a feeling that my co-workers shared this sentiment, but I was interested to know why this benefit was important to them.

Based on their responses, it’s clear that catered office lunches truly have a lasting positive impact on office culture in a variety of ways. These three reasons seemed to resonate with everyone I spoke with:

Team Lunch

1. Build lasting relationships with co-workers.

“Catered lunches are that one moment in the day where you can stop what you’re doing and truly engage with your colleagues. Sometimes you talk about work, sometimes you talk about your weekend plans, but every time you’re making a connection that only happens when you share a meal with someone.”

– LT Taylor, Account Management Team, Austin


“Food brings people together. While many like to eat alone because they’re busy or are doing their own thing, eating together gives you a chance to take a mental break from work, connect with others, and reset. Food and eating is definitely the one thing that brings people of all types together. Eating together is a great way to cultivate an environment of inclusiveness and collaboration.”

– Amanda Lenhart, Sales Team, Los Angeles


“Catered lunches are important to me because they allow the office to build its sense of community. Rather than leaving the office to eat, employees are able to sit down together and develop relationships during their meals. This type of work environment creates happy employees and happy employees are better employees!”

– Ted Wassell, Account Management Team, Boston


Denver Cater2.me Team

2. Take a mental break from the workday.

“Catered lunches are important to me because they foster a sense of a work community and culture. Catered lunches allow teams to take a few minutes away from work and learn about each other. It allows people to take a break while still focusing on building and growing the team.”

– Ellen Turkewitz, Account Management Team, New York


“Catered lunches at the office are important because they provide an opportunity for everyone to genuinely connect on a personal level over the shared enjoyment of food. I think now more than ever, it is so important for teams to take a break in the work day and authentically connect away from their desks and share in real moments together.”

– Lindsay Bernhardt, Vendor Team, Miami


Lunch Bonding

3. Try new and delicious foods.

“Catered lunches at the office are important to me because they give us the opportunity to see and taste the items we are sending to our clients!”

– Jackie Kaplan, Vendor Team, New York


“It’s a fun way to try new food and bond with co-workers.”

– Casey Babbitt, Account Management Team, Washington, DC


“I think catered lunches are wonderful because I honestly think the most exciting part of a lot of people’s work days are what they eat for lunch. (Or at least most foodie employee’s work day)…Also who doesn’t like saving money and time on packing a lunch?”

– Cydney Engle, Vendor Team, New York


“Catered lunches often offer a much more nutritionally-dense meal option as compared to most grab and go restaurant lunch options available to the majority of people ‘going out’ to lunch.”

– Devin Barich, Account Management Team, Seattle

Based on the responses from my team, it’s clear we truly value the benefits that a catered lunch provides. In the technology-centered world that we live in today, authentic face-to-face connections can be hard to come by, especially in the workplace. Our worlds revolve around our inboxes, with never-ending deadlines and emails constantly pinging our cell phones. But instead of “working for the weekend,” the team at Cater2.me prefers to “live for the lunch hour.”

In my own experience, office lunches have allowed me to better connect with my colleagues, fostering authentic connections and friendships during a lunch break that used to be rushed or non-existent.

Your team would value this perk too! Give them the opportunity to genuinely connect with co-workers over the shared enjoyment of delicious food.


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