has been making debuts across the nation’s most popular regions and cities. We’ve been feeding the innovators and tech startups of Silicon Valley in the West, the hustling and bustling corporate hotshots in the East, and the firms in the windy city of Chicago. Now, we’re happy to announce that we have made our way down South, where things are bigger and the hospitality is as sweet as sugar — Austin, Texas!

There’s Texas, and then there’s Austin. While it’s situated in the South where the accents run as wild as their rodeos, Austin is completely different. The scene is big, unique, and totally eclectic with every type of food you could imagine offered at restaurants and food stands. Chefs are constantly trying to experiment with different cuisines, creating a fusion of delightful tastes and smells. And while Austin stands apart from the rest of the state, the classic Texas barbeque remains a staple, an icon if you will. The aroma of hickory chips combined with the sweet and smoky flavors of BBQ sauce slathered all over some brisket and ribs only makes you crave for more. is all about creating a close-knit community and being local, which is exactly what Austin hits. There are food trailer parks in Austin, which as the name suggests, are trailer parks filled with food trucks, bringing together locals to share their intense love of food. The people in Austin are down to earth, extremely close and interested in all things local. They all share the same love and intensity for food and we know that it’s the food that brings people together at a common table.

Our Austin team has been working hard for the last few months, partnering with popular eateries like Austin Daily Press and Hot Mama’s. The Austin Daily Press began as a panini trailer concept in 2009, offering classic and re-invented sandwich options on locally baked bread. They focus on house-cured meats and house-pickled vegetables and have even been featured on Food Network’s On The Road. Hot Mama’s has been a part of the Austin community since 2005. They pride themselves on making everything from scratch and Austin grown produce, which they try to acquire from local vendors and farms as much as possible. Hot Mama’s defines the tight knit local Austin community as they also believe in giving back.

Check out the announcement from Austin 360 to see what the buzz in the South is all about!

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