Have you ever had a nightmare that you forgot to order lunch for the office? I have. A hoard of zombies corners me at my desk while I frantically flip through takeout menus, hoping to find gluten-free options before the hungry office zombies get me!

Food Zombies
This isn’t a horror film; this is the life of an office manager. If part of your role is to plan food for your team, you’re constantly challenged to please everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions. With Cater2.me, office lunches don’t have to be so scary. We handle deliveries, food restrictions, and meal service for our clients to protect them from hungry office zombies.

Office Food Delivery
The only scares we want this October are the fun kind! That’s why our vendors are offering Halloween-themed foods that you can have delivered to your office.


In Boston, you can get Bacon-Wrapped Eyeballs. (For the squeamish, those are scallops.)

Bacon-Wrapped Eyeballs

In DC, you can get a spooky twist on pigs-in-a-blanket with these Mummy Appetizers.

Mummy Pigs-in-a-Blanket

In New York, you can try Halloween Bagels with Blood Swirl Cream Cheese.

Bagels with Blood Swirl Cream Cheese
Let us bring you the spooky October you’ve been dying to taste!

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