A holiday party is a yearly tradition for most companies, but the cost of planning it – both financially and otherwise – can often be a burden. In today’s environment, where time and money are carefully-scrutinized, many companies are left with a tough decision: throw a holiday party and take a hit to the bottom line, or don’t and be dubbed the modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a third option: host an on-site catered holiday celebration. This way, you get a delicious company party without breaking the bank. Instead of renting out a restaurant, hall, or expensive venue, bring the joy of the season right into your office. With appropriate décor, great music, and a well-stocked bar, you can pull off a festive holiday luncheon or after-hours party that your team enjoys.

Holiday Food

Here are five tips for making it happen:

1) Find Your Spot

Create a party space that’s away from work stations. This will help your businesslike atmosphere take on a new light.


2) Set the Stage

Deck the halls with festive decorations and pictures of your staff. You can stick to a theme, mimic your favorite restaurant, or create a family-friendly background for your shindig.


3) Turn Up the Volume

Set the mood with a holiday playlist or by tuning the radio to a seasonal music station. You don’t have to go for 24/7 Christmas tunes; playing music of any kind brings the party vibe.


4) Bring the Fun

Organize some lighthearted holiday games, raffles, or present swaps. White elephant games can be fun – and oddly competitive.


5) Feed the Troops

Provide amazing food. Cater2.me will suggest the best local vendors, customize a delicious menu based on your team’s preferences, and bring everything directly to your office – fully set up and ready to enjoy!

Holiday Food

So take the worry out of your holiday party planning, become the office hero, and bring on the merry!


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